AlixSandra is an activator and motivator for Higher Self connection. Her deep involvement with the realms of Divine Love and Ascended Masters allows for spontaneous healings and enlightened information.  You’re your consciousness is activated life-changing soul lessons are revealed in a gentle, firm and empowering way. It’s impossible to have experience without being moved into greater heights.

AlixSandra is a published author. In her book Activate Joy, AlixSandra delivers, in her bright cheery style, a powerful and fun series of practical methods designed to make our journey to joy easy! You the reader will receive a series of very unique teachings that assist in activating joy into everyday life. From the contents: Universal Laws of Attraction and Resonance, to taming our Yabbits (the pesky voices in our minds), into the arts/processes of basking blessings and goodness. Read more at www.activatejoy.com

Inner Focus Advanced Energy Healing School was founded by AlixSandra in 1994 and created a cutting-edge paradigm shift. Throughout its many years of existence several thousands of students were trained. Joyfully many of those students now have their own expanding networks and touch thousands more. AlixSandra offers classes across US and Canada for individual and group programs.

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  1. Personal Higher Self Connection &Activation
  2. Claiming Your Self Worth
  3. Your Chakras and What They Mean
  4. Heart Healing and Relationships Your Way
  5. Joy Lost, Embracing Death and Dying
  6. Goodness Process, Accepting your Divine Goodness
  7. Meditation – Simple Effective, Powerful (Listen Here)
  8. Chakra and Body Awareness

AlixSandra Parness resides in Mesquite, Nevada.