Appreciation Practice


Self-Healing At Its Best

Appreciation = The Vibration of Unconditional Love.

As we enter the new paradigm of Joy that is urging us on, it is imperative that we come to value the power of appreciation for our personal well-being and to honor the well-being of the planet.

Process #1: Let us begin with something easy. Bring something into your thoughts and your heart that is easy to appreciate. Feel the love you have for the object of your appreciation open your heart. Stand in silence for a moment so that you can hear the sound of your appreciation beginning its melody. Take a moment then begin to allow your heart to utter the sounds of appreciation:

“I so appreciate you in my life. Every time I think of you it beings a smile to my face. I love to hear you coming toward me, calling to me in your own special way. Then when I see you everything lights up within me and I just want to reach out and touch your face…..”

Pay attention to the song you are singing. In the ringing melody of that song is the Law Of Resonance. Practiced long enough you entrain your frequency to the unconditional love your Inner Being has for you.

Process #2: Think of someone who you are having some difficulty with, someone outside of yourself. Allow yourself to feel your feelings of disappointment, judgments or upset, but only for a moment. Now practice finding something about that person to appreciate:

“Right now as I am thinking about you I am looking for something to appreciate. Even though I may have other feelings I realize they are doorways I can choose to go through that I know will lead me into higher frequencies, and that is something I am determined to experience. I appreciate the challenges you offer me because I know they reflect where I am. When I know where I am I have the opportunity to turn the other cheek and face my magnificence. I can feel the solution to this challenge beckoning me forward, and I appreciate you for that. Thank you for being willing to show me who I am in this moment so that I can rise into the person my Inner Being sees me to be. I so appreciate you…..”

Now, notice how you were able to change the melody of a discordant song into a song of self-appreciation. Once you understand the Universal Laws and the Keys to the Kingdom of Joy, you gain control of your destiny. The old rules of co-dependency lose themselves and dissolve right in front of you. Train yourself to realize you are the master of your own life through the power of appreciation.

Process #3: Self Appreciation, (from AlixSandra 8/12)

There is a wonderful thing that begins to happen when we look fondly into the mirror and appreciate what we see. Genuine love looks back at us in ways that stir heart and soul. I appreciate the years I have trained myself into alignment with direct knowing, bypassing the traps of the subconscious mind allowing the stream of wisdom and knowledge not only to find me, but to be spoken through me for the greater expansion of all. I am proud of the work I have done in the world and I am proud of the manifestations that were born, flowered and then seeded the world with more joy and happiness. I am proud of you as you read these words and reflect on who you are and how the world is a better place because you are in it.

“Here I am in a lotus garden, there are parts of me that have already bloomed and are falling away, and just there, in the center, there I am right now in my glory and oooh, the budding thoughts and ideas about to bloom excite me to no end.


“I am proud of myself for the life I have lived, I appreciate everything I have gone through to get to where I am today. There is not one thing I would change because the living of it has changed me. I appreciate my life, my body and my soul. I appreciate my accomplishments and am eager for more. I appreciate those I have drawn to me that reflect where I am in the moment. I appreciate the patterns of sacred geometry that are in constant movement in my universe. I love the sound they make and the colors that flow from their center. Today I am the best me I can possibly be and I love the moments that unfold before me. I have faith in the natural order of things. I so appreciate the sun and the universe as it brings me everything I want all of the time. Everything always works in my favor and as I continue to paint the portrait of my life, I sculpt into being the new and more exciting me. My path is made easy by knowing I am a worthy deserving person; by knowing I am loved; by knowing there is more awaiting me. I appreciate surprises and delight in the joy of an opening bud reaching for the light. I appreciate the warmth of today, the blessing of the night sky and the twinkling of the stars on the water. I appreciate my awareness of beauty. I appreciate my knowing that there will always be more and more and more unfolding of what I know now and what I have no idea of in this moment.”

Now, write your own statements of appreciation: