Behind The Mask

by: AlixSandra Parness

Do I recognize you behind your mask,
Do I recognize the sparkle in your eyes
Do I hear your voice saying hi?
A momentary pause as we both light up and laugh at the crazy new world we find ourselves in.
Keeping our required distance we feign a hug and talk about how it will change someday.
I leave with my groceries but the feelings stay close, grounded in the memory of precious times we shared together.

I Bless the Eternalness of Life.
I Bless the Power of Smiles that can lift and shift my day,
Smiles hidden behind the mask, but still finding their way upward into those sparkling eyes of joyful recognition.
I think I shall be more conscious of the power of smiling in the days to come, grounding my love of life, and cherishing the hidden smiles that I know are ready to burst into laughter.
Oh what fun we’ll have thinking back on these days.

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