Trinity Of Enlightenment


We have so loved these past weeks with you, as we begin to wind down our weekly discussions, we are all looking forward to summer and our new emerging experiences. To complete this time together we will to use the Trinity of Enlightenment: Nonjudgment, Unconditional Love and Equality to underscore all of the messages that have come as a result of our unified connection.

Our first subject is Non-Judgment

We ask you to really look at the judgments you may still be holding onto, and where they are held in your body. As you name one, allow the opposite Life Affirming idea to rise up and show you its beauty. Now will you recognize the inspiration that will come swiftly? Using that inspiration, feel into it; what will it take to accept the new thought and allow yourself to not be drawn into the past, and instead live in the present?

Our purpose is to leave a lasting pattern of thoughts that will help stabilize and expand a deeper understanding of the greater picture before us; to realize the momentous time we are living in, and to be able to see humanity in all of its Glory. The future is being created in these moments. To be able to share our deepest feelings and creative thoughts together is truly a gift.

Thank You For Being a Part of These Amazing Times With Us.
Much Love Always
Laurel and AlixSandra

Behind The Mask

by: AlixSandra Parness

Do I recognize you behind your mask,
Do I recognize the sparkle in your eyes
Do I hear your voice saying hi?
A momentary pause as we both light up and laugh at the crazy new world we find ourselves in.
Keeping our required distance we feign a hug and talk about how it will change someday.
I leave with my groceries but the feelings stay close, grounded in the memory of precious times we shared together.

I Bless the Eternalness of Life.
I Bless the Power of Smiles that can lift and shift my day,
Smiles hidden behind the mask, but still finding their way upward into those sparkling eyes of joyful recognition.
I think I shall be more conscious of the power of smiling in the days to come, grounding my love of life, and cherishing the hidden smiles that I know are ready to burst into laughter.
Oh what fun we’ll have thinking back on these days.

In The Face Of Change

“The Old Order is being challenged on every front. Who decides what will take its place? The decision makers will be the ones who care enough to take a stand, who have the resiliency to stay the course, who have the bravery, courage, determination and skills to birth bold new solutions” Jean Houston

This week we are going to look at the many faces of change as some doors open and others stay closed.

Where are you as you are trying to figure out your next steps? Calling forth your internal wisdom, looking outside for leadership, probably all of those things, plus.

After so many weeks of this pandemic affecting our world in a myriad of ways, we are looking at restlessness as well as those reveling in the joy of family and rest. As we talked about this subject the vision of the Yin Yang became prevalent, the light in natural flow with the darkness, the seeds of each growing. And taking on new meaning.

The questions that we will be talking about and want your input on is: Where Is The Love and Where Is The Anger?
Where are You? The New Normal??

Inner Focus Connect is a Community of Shared Values, shifting mass consciousness as each one incrementally steps onto a new platform of understanding. Change is a powerful tool; in this instance it is an earthquake of feelings and points of view meant to ‘shake up’ belief systems and the certainties we all hold dear. These conversations are changing our ability to recognize adaptability, self-reliance and ingenuity as we skillfully pave our own path knowing,
“We Are Really All In This Together!”.

The Power Of Knowing

This week our topic is POWER,               

Power of Choice and the right use of will; Power of alignment and self-respect, Power of Practice, looking forward and holding that place in you that is ‘teacher’.

Remember the Spirit Gate Cards, well we were guided to use the deck and see what would come forth. First the Master Card POWER, then Wolf Spirit Gate opened to Well-Being. We both knew guidance was inspiring us as AlixSandra had just posted Power! A Sign Of The Times on her facebook page.

When you know who you are, aligned in conscious awareness, you follow the feeling tone of words and ideas that “come” to you. As we are completely aligned in this process and with you, our Higher Selves are working in concert as never before. Both of us are delighted and surprised at where the road is taking us.

We know who we are and just as important we know who you are. Our tribe ebbs and flows but for the most part is aligned in intent and purpose. So, as we continue with these conversations for a while, join us in the practice of:

“I Know Who I Am, I am aligned with purpose and intent guided by my Higher Self. I reach for good feelings and laughter, appreciation and hope, I know well-being is Power.”

Breath Of God Self-Healing

I Am The Breath Of God and Only God Is In My Lungs.
I Am The Breath Of God And Only God Breathes through me. 
My Cells and Organs Breathe Gods Love and Generosity. 
The Breath Of God Balances and Harmonizes my Brain,

I Think Clearly and Move with Inspiration and Purpose.

I Am The Breath Of God And I See Only God Through My Eyes,
My mind is lifted and expanded from what I think I see and believe to a Broader Perspective: I KNOW
 “Goodness and Mercy shall follow me all the Days Of My Life”; Everything Will Work Out; Well-Being Surrounds and Protects Us Forevermore. “I Am The Essence Of Pure Goodness and My Goodness Has Nothing to Do With My Actions or the actions of anyone else”.

I can relax and feel the Presence of God flowing through me. As I live and breathe these words, I am lifted and others are lifted as well.

Your Compassionate Heart

My thoughts this Sunday morning are with those of you who can’t stay home, the people who must venture out especially the healthcare workers. After so many weeks of tending to unending pain and suffering, and the trauma of this experience, of which most of us have no idea about, has to be taking its toll. So, I’m speaking to you, you on the front lines, you in the operating rooms, you sitting there next to a dying person, you trying to answer questions that seem impossible.

When you’re feeling really helpless, and perhaps even void of anything, consider why you’re feeling those feelings. It is because you don’t believe you can control what’s happening out there, and no you can’t control what others are going through but you can hear this. One way you can relieve the tension within you is to bring in light and really hear the resounding


It’s your compassionate heart that shows up every day even if you are grieving the situation. It is your focus that helps those sick and dying to feel comforted in their world! The difficulty arises when the lines become blurred between their world and yours, you want to change their circumstances, perhaps look for someone to blame even God for all of this. Unfortunately, this disempowering road will only lead to a block wall and make you feel worse. 

Hard though it may be to hear the truth, remember your compassionate heart, remember you create your own reality and they create theirs no matter what it looks like.
You are always at choice.
Take a moment and really breathe deeply and probably you only have moments for this, it is now more important than ever to feel and deepen the connection between you and the God of your being, your Higher Self. This is the time to practice blessing your situation and blessing all of your friends and co-workers. See those in your care through those eyes, feel the unconditional love at play. Practice the connection you have within you and
You are being seen and noticed by many in this world and beyond; being appreciated, being thanked, people giving money, food, anything to help. Keep remembering and knowing you’re not alone. Ride the Synergy of That Love beyond this pandemic and into the world of your making, YOU, making a difference because of your compassionate heart.

Practice: After writing this and then having conversation with a colleague working on the front lines, spirit offered this practice:
“I Am The Breath Of God and Only God Is In My Lungs”

The Blessing Of Connection

Connecting Hearts is a blessing for us in these days…

As we begin to contemplate the “new normal” for ourselves, Let’s really focus on the Blessings that a month (for most of us) have allowed to come into our lives, Blessings and appreciations always connect us with the greater community of Well Being.

THE BLESSING OF REST I have been going at a pretty fast pace in the world and I so appreciate the time off to just rest. It was a challenge at first but after a while my body disengaged from the mind-set of work.

THE BLESSING OF CREATIVITY  Rest and time alone gave me an opportunity to discover creative outlets I wouldn’t otherwise have had time for, I so appreciate that. I have loved seeing the creative way others are handling their different situations.

 THE BLESSING OF CONNECTION I have seen more of the honest real world, without makeup, I appreciate facetime, I appreciate music, I appreciate connecting with old friends, I appreciate feeling included and appreciated for being me.

Send us your thoughts on the blessings you have received and know that the path to a comfortable re-entry is the path of Blessing.

Staying Safe

Connecting Hearts is a blessing for us in these days, so Spirit has again given us an agenda for tomorrow.

Preparing For a Comfortable Re-Entry
So we look head on at the issue that will be facing all of us, is it safe? Some questions to look at is:

1- Where in your body do you hold your Safety Consciousness?

2- What is your safety net, what are the practices you use to steady yourself when concern knocks on your door?

3- Getting your inner child and Higher Self aligned with you, your adult self.

4- Sharing the Blessings you have been receiving during these days and weeks.