Breath Of God Self-Healing

I Am The Breath Of God and Only God Is In My Lungs. I Am The Breath Of God And Only God Breathes through me.
My cells and organs Breathe Gods Love and Generosity.
The Breath Of God Balances and Harmonizes my Brain, I think Clearly and Move with Inspiration and Purpose. I Am The Breath Of God And I See Only God Through My Eyes, My mind is lifted and expanded from what I think I see and believe to a Broader Perspective: “Goodness and Mercy shall follow me all the Days Of My Life”; Everything Will Work Out; Well-Being Surrounds and Protects Us Forevermore. “I Am The Essence Of Pure Goodness and My Goodness Has Nothing to Do With My Actions”. I can relax and feel the Presence of God flowing through me. As I live and breathe these words, as I am lifted others are lifted as well.

My Blessings, AlixSandra