Emancipation Day

Week 11, June 19th is Emancipation Day; the day black people were finally allowed their freedom from slavery, two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation was declared by Abraham Lincoln. It is a day of celebration for all of humanity as we come closer and closer to living on equal terms with our fellow human beings.  The very loud cry we hear today screams in no uncertain terms, BLACK LIVES MATTER! It is time for Freedom For All!

 As I mull over these emotional and powerful words they become personal for me as well.  I can’t help think of the years it has taken to free myself from the oppression of my own flawed belief system. Ideas and certainties of unworthiness, that I am less than and I will probably never be as good as anyone I can think of. How long has it taken any one of us to learn about and then make a lasting connection with our Higher Selves who would slowly teach us, bit by bit, who we really are? Remember we can only move as fast as we can allow, accept and believe in ourselves. Only in those times did we begin to really realize and awaken to our value, live from our newly discovered awareness and build upon that truth, to then discover how to hold our center of Light.

Because of our weeks together in conversation and with the expansion that has taken place, we are celebrating with a System For Modern Times and a new Spiritual Code. Laurel and I are developing this as a simple way to measure our thoughts and discussions by, one that will help us stay true to our evolving consciousness and true to ourselves.

The Trinity Of Enlightenment:


We envision a three-dimensional model that is as alive and vibrant as your awareness of it. There are two topics that promise to assist in this process; the first is the powerful Blessing Process. As we bless others we acknowledge diversity, we bring forth a curiosity that wants to know what you are doing and how it is appearing in the world. Blessing offers choice, I get to sift and sort according to my likes and dislikes choosing to be with what makes me feel good. I can always change my mind; I am a nomad at heart. I Am Sovereign. Blessing becomes a skill that allows you and others to be who they are without trying to control anything.

Secondly is the BREATH. The breath is the great equalizer because we all share the same air and co-exist on the same planet. When I saw people wearing tee shirts with the words “I Can’t Breathe” my reaction was “I’m Breathing With You”. (this was the God Force coming through)

There are two parts to Breath, Movement and Prana.

Prana is the life force within the breath, the God force.

Our physical breath is what propels the God Force onward.

Both are necessary for life, inner and outer, two sides of the same coin one supporting and expanding the other.

So my friend, check back soon for another installment

Much Love and many Blessings always,

AlixSandra and Laurel

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