I’m Breathing With You

This week our topic is EQUALITY and I offer this to you.  

I’m Breathing With You

by AlixSandra Parness   6/9/2020

The heavens opened one day long, long ago and God said, “Go Forth And Multiply.”

And so we did, and like a garden of various colors, sizes, shapes, with fragrance and purpose we inhabited the Earth and then began to discover ourselves.

And all the while God Said,” Have fun; I’m Breathing With You. The human heart is endowed with the capacity to Love, accept and allow, enjoying the brilliance of imagination and endurance in others and themselves.

Somewhere along the way we decided to limit the love, cut off the brilliance, shut down imagination… and in the struggle to regain what we once had, many lost enjoyment of the garden. Still God Said, I’m Breathing With You”. But within the Breath great change was coming about, you could feel it in the air we breathe and the rhythms of the day. And God is still breathing with us.

Centuries pass and there are still gardens, but mostly each only grows one variety of flowers. Segregated now, relegated to a certain part of the land the Iris’s look at the roses and long to grow along side them, and then there are the daffodils and the daises, the dandelions and the mustard greens all wondering where they will be welcome. Am I a weed to be pulled and thrown away or do I have value? As a problem in the collective are we committed enough to continue to move forward increasing conscious awareness.

The Breath Remembers and Calls forth a deep desire to be together once again. And so they call upon their friends the bees and the wind and ask them, “ will you help us come together in our big garden again, help us make lots of gardens with pathways and fountains”?

We’re Breathing With You they said and caused the seeds to flow and the pollen to grow new flowers, right over there in the Heart Of Humanity.

The cry is loud… Now Is The Time!  Here I AM and I’m Breathing With You.

Let me enjoy the beautiful color of your skin and feel the softness therein. Allow me the pleasure of listening to your songs as you strum the strings of joy.  Now, feeling the beating of drums, I’m Breathing with You, my heart dances with you. Beautiful Us.

You who have grown to great heights and you who choose to live close to earth, you who fly in the night skies and you who slither on the ground. The power is in the foxglove and the cosmos, the poppy and the cornflower, in the diversity of All That IS…  I am always Breathing With You.

Gone are the shackles that bind us telling us we are not good enough because, The Breath is the Great Equalizer, the one process none of us can live without. We all breathe the same air as God Breaths With Us, no discrimination. The murderer and the murdered, the hater and the lover, fearful and fearless breathing the same air, and still, God Is Breathing With Us.

Who could use a little love today, who needs a call or a visit from out of the blue, who wants to be seen and to know that Someone Is Breathing With Them Too.


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