In The Face Of Change

“The Old Order is being challenged on every front. Who decides what will take its place? The decision makers will be the ones who care enough to take a stand, who have the resiliency to stay the course, who have the bravery, courage, determination and skills to birth bold new solutions” Jean Houston

This week we are going to look at the many faces of change as some doors open and others stay closed.

Where are you as you are trying to figure out your next steps? Calling forth your internal wisdom, looking outside for leadership, probably all of those things, plus.

After so many weeks of this pandemic affecting our world in a myriad of ways, we are looking at restlessness as well as those reveling in the joy of family and rest. As we talked about this subject the vision of the Yin Yang became prevalent, the light in natural flow with the darkness, the seeds of each growing. And taking on new meaning.

The questions that we will be talking about and want your input on is: Where Is The Love and Where Is The Anger?
Where are You? The New Normal??

Inner Focus Connect is a Community of Shared Values, shifting mass consciousness as each one incrementally steps onto a new platform of understanding. Change is a powerful tool; in this instance it is an earthquake of feelings and points of view meant to ‘shake up’ belief systems and the certainties we all hold dear. These conversations are changing our ability to recognize adaptability, self-reliance and ingenuity as we skillfully pave our own path knowing,
“We Are Really All In This Together!”.

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