Inner Focus Invocation

This practice was given to us for the purpose of unifying our community, and aligning with our
body-mind-soul connection. Change nothing!

Within these few words is the invocation power of the Masters given to us in service to Humanity. This practice can be said as a prayer or used with the following mudras (hand movements).

Take a deep breath in and say all statements on the out breath.

Begin by taking two deep breaths… then place your hands on your heart. Be still. Breathe in… then on the outbreath sayI Am The Breath Of God
Take two deep breaths. 
Then breathe in…Create the first sphere by bringing your hands out and down in a circular motion, then bring your hands back up the front of your body toward the heart…I Breathe The Heart Of The Earth
(This is all one smooth movement) 
Breathe in… Create the second sphere continuing upwards with your hands then circling outwards and down to include the first chakra…I Breathe The Heart of the Universe
Breathe in…
Palms together bring your hands straight up the body and over your head connecting your soul star – Holding this position, making this level of attunement.
I Am One With My Soul
Breathe in…
Keeping your alignment – move your hands palms together, down the front of your body with the intention of bringing your soul into your physical and etheric bodies and clearing your chakras.
Open hands, palms facing, fingers down at the first chakra
I Am One With Myself
Breathe in…
Create the third sphere sweeping out with your hands bringing them up and over your heart.
My Inner Focus
Breathe in…
As these words are said, visualize yourself at the center of the universe, a point of creative power. Pause and breathe. Slowly spread your arms to embrace humanity.
Heals The Heart of Humanity