We began Inner Focus Connect on April 10, 2020. Our purpose was simply to be a voice of comfort and connection as we started to navigate the unchartered waters of a pandemic. Laurel and I had no preconceived idea of where things would go but we understood there was a larger purpose, and so allowed ourselves to be led each week. Blessings, the power of blessings followed and the words, Only God Is In My Lungs set the tone of the weeks to follow. These last few weeks revealed The Trinity of Enlightenment, Non Judgment, Unconditional Love and Equality. And what moments these past three weeks have been with the uprising over the death of George Floyd. It was as if each week was scripted and we were on the front line.

What I know is that each call was life changing and I know each connection took time to integrate, incrementally inching up the awareness scale, becoming more enlightened with every thought. We head into the summer now knowing we are breathing together as never before because, the Breath is the Unifying Thread Connecting Us All.

You can revisit any of the calls by reading the posts on this page or listening to some of the recordings, not all of them made it onto the website.


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