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Inner Focus Invocation

This practice was given to us for the purpose of unifying our community, and aligning with our body-mind-soul connection. Change nothing!

Within these few words is the invocation power of the Masters given to us in service to Humanity. This practice can be said as a prayer or used with the following mudras (hand movements).

Take a deep breath in and say all statements on the out breath.

Thou Shalts

Our Master teachers are constantly expanding their consciousness, expanding our experiences and desires as we have digested yesterday’s beliefs. A channel is a co-operative component aligned in a certain intuitive frequency that allows those thoughts to manifest into words. I am such a person and have been so for most of my lifetime.

Appreciation Practice

Appreciation = The Vibration of Unconditional Love.

As we enter the new paradigm of Joy that is urging us on, it is imperative that we come to value the power of appreciation for our personal well-being and to honor the well-being of the planet.