The Blessing Of Connection

Connecting Hearts is a blessing for us in these days…

As we begin to contemplate the “new normal” for ourselves, Let’s really focus on the Blessings that a month (for most of us) have allowed to come into our lives, Blessings and appreciations always connect us with the greater community of Well Being.

THE BLESSING OF REST I have been going at a pretty fast pace in the world and I so appreciate the time off to just rest. It was a challenge at first but after a while my body disengaged from the mind-set of work.

THE BLESSING OF CREATIVITY  Rest and time alone gave me an opportunity to discover creative outlets I wouldn’t otherwise have had time for, I so appreciate that. I have loved seeing the creative way others are handling their different situations.

 THE BLESSING OF CONNECTION I have seen more of the honest real world, without makeup, I appreciate facetime, I appreciate music, I appreciate connecting with old friends, I appreciate feeling included and appreciated for being me.

Send us your thoughts on the blessings you have received and know that the path to a comfortable re-entry is the path of Blessing.

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