The Power Of Knowing

This week our topic is POWER,               

Power of Choice and the right use of will; Power of alignment and self-respect, Power of Practice, looking forward and holding that place in you that is ‘teacher’.

Remember the Spirit Gate Cards, well we were guided to use the deck and see what would come forth. First the Master Card POWER, then Wolf Spirit Gate opened to Well-Being. We both knew guidance was inspiring us as AlixSandra had just posted Power! A Sign Of The Times on her facebook page.

When you know who you are, aligned in conscious awareness, you follow the feeling tone of words and ideas that “come” to you. As we are completely aligned in this process and with you, our Higher Selves are working in concert as never before. Both of us are delighted and surprised at where the road is taking us.

We know who we are and just as important we know who you are. Our tribe ebbs and flows but for the most part is aligned in intent and purpose. So, as we continue with these conversations for a while, join us in the practice of:

“I Know Who I Am, I am aligned with purpose and intent guided by my Higher Self. I reach for good feelings and laughter, appreciation and hope, I know well-being is Power.”

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