Thou Shalts

Thou Shalt:

1. Live In Integrity
2. Embrace Differences With Enthusiasm
3. Be Your Generous Heart
4. Allow Your Magnificence to Shine
5. Require Responsibility
6. Strive to Expand Consciousness
7. Live With Appreciation
8. Celebrate Your Creative Spirit
9. Honor the Earth
10. Honor the Universe

Our Master teachers are constantly expanding their consciousness, expanding our experiences and desires as we have digested yesterday’s beliefs. A channel is a co-operative component aligned in a certain intuitive frequency that allows those thoughts to manifest into words. I am such a person and have been so for most of my lifetime.
So a familiar voice I know as Moses came to me one morning wanting to lift us from original commandments that tell us what not to do, and give us a new perspective that is more in alignment with the vibrational frequency the Masters communicate on. Think of it this way. The energies present on the Earth thousands of years ago may have needed those teachings, people may still need them. It is similar to the way my parents brought me up in the 40’s being far different than watching my son and daughter-in-law bringing up their two little girls today. Worlds apart, why?
More of the Joy Factor is asking to be seen and felt. A greater sense of knowing the Original commantment, The Lord God Is One (Deut 6). We Are All In This Together is being accepted. More recognition of the creative spirit within those little minds, a realization of the inherent eternal brilliance within ourselves and our children. The Legacy Of Light Expanding and growing brighter.
We are expanding out of and beyond our self-imposed limitations so it might serve us to have some new guidelines. Better leverage for living a happier life.
My guidance is to bring in this teaching to further assist the Mastering of our
Connection by Continuing to learn the Language of our Intuitive Self.

1- Live In Integrity
In – tegrated Self. Oneness With Self. Real-I-zing there are two of you, a physical self and a nonphysical self. Vibrational in nature, aligned and integrated at birth. Now, after playing the game of separation, perhaps the time has come to re-align with the truth of our being. Self-Focusing into Joy.

2- Embrace Differences With Enthusiasm
New Understanding! Oneness, as we have come to understand it is a flawed premise. We are not One With Others!
We are all unique beings who have come into this experience to be all that we can be. Each one of us is creating our own unique world exactly the way we want it to be. We are cooperative components in one another’s lives as it serves us.
Pain of Conformity
Recently I watched the movie Pleasantville. If you remember it was the story of a town that didn’t want change. Set in black and white the natives had no idea there was a world beyond their immediate town, they had never seen anything including themselves in color. There were roads that went in a circle leading nowhere, and everyone just agreed to that flawed fact without question. Then Bud showed up with his sister from another time-space reality. They brought with them their light bodies, and their vibrational awareness of the expanded universe they came from, and had experience with.
As the movie tells the story of the awakening of these people, I couldn’t help realize the parallels to our story today as well. Factions of our human family are steeped in tradition handed down for generations. There are long held ideas of morality, rules of engagement, deeply held resentments, and even hatred for people unlike themselves. Some organizations teach conformity, and separation rather than the uniqueness of your own creative nature.
Conforming is painful. Conformity goes against our creative nature and natural curiosity. Conformity is challenged all day everyday by people demanding their right to be themselves, to be different. Even writing this sentence seems crazy but that is the stuff wars are made of.
Imagine a world where we embrace the differences we see everyday happily, joyously, with a deep and abiding interest. A world where everyone has whatever they want whenever they want it. Places we can sit back, and marvel at the creativity of the human spirit. Parents trusting their children completely to do whatever they want to do to explore their creative nature. (Now that will twang some strings. A place where we are relieved of the idea of superiority, and understand that all are created equal. Differences make life joyous and worth living to the fullest.
Within every thought there is a bubble of Joy calling us home. This little Joy bubble longs to be found, and calls out to us in any way it can. As children we knew the voice of Joy, we knew the ring of its bell. Deep in our hearts we knew that Joy was the major factor in the vibrational fabric we were made of.
Honor the creative spirit within you. Learn to embrace all the different ways you think about something, all the different ways you experience your world.
Embracing the differences within ourselves and not judging them…I start to lift myself up and you know what? I am a pretty terrific person. I have this completely different way of thinking and feeling about something and I want to express myself.
How can I embrace differences outside of myself if I can’t embrace the differences within me?
3- Be A Generous Heart
Generosity of the heart is a wondrous thing. To give of your heart unconditionally is a freedom few know these days. We tend to think of generosity in terms of money  think of generosity in terms of the heart, and where does that lead you?
A Generous Heart is aligned with All That Is, and KNOWS Abundance. Prosperity is a by-product of this knowing. Knowing the fountain of love that flows freely, and never dries up. Knowing is Centered Living. Knowing drinks from the well-spring of Joy offering the vibration of balance in all ways. A Generous heart can give its all because that heart is replenished ten thousand times over.
4- Allow Your Magnificence To Shine
You are the Light of your Life! Stop hiding!
Fear is a no-thing, no longer worthy of your attention to it. Step up and allow the beautiful vibration of who you are to shine through. There are people waiting for you. There are worlds waiting to be created and only you can do it. Serve yourself and in so doing you serve all – magnificent being of light.
5- Require Responsibility
Responsibility  The Ability to Respond in Joy!
When we require something there is an expectation.
Expectation is an interesting subject. As we turn the kaleidoscope ever so gently, different shapes and colors appear. When the idea of expectation is offered where does your mind want to take you?
Because we are moving our awareness out of “other based thinking” into “self focused thought”, what are we asking of ourselves with this commandment?
Expectation  A New Shift In Consciousness
To live the life I know I came here to live I require Joy. My job is to acquire Joy any way I can. So I begin by being responsible for my own thoughts. I require thoughts that are up lifting, thoughts that free my heart of the burden of wanting anything from others. Self Focused Thought brings me into alignment with an expectation of Freedom that is mightily Joy-Filled.
Recognizing that I AM the center of my universe, and I AM the only one living in here, and everyone else is a cooperative component who has come to help me real-i-ze this, my expectation of myself changes dramatically.
Holding this vision for yourself will allow you to hold it for others as well. Require nothing!
Have faith in others that they know what they are doing, that they have everything within them to succeed at anything they have decided to succeed at. That faith keeps you centered, and in a neutral zone that simply asks for truth in return. What you will get within you is an emotional response that will lead you into yourself, and your own alignment with who you are. Trust and Faith grow stronger.
That trust and faith allows others the freedom to take responsibility for themselves, and frees you from the codependent burden of making decisions for them, of giving advise you expected them to follow. It allows you both to slip through that narrow eye your soul has been giving you opportunities to grow in for lifetimes, and into the constant light of freedom.
6- Strive to Expand (Your) Consciousness
Expanding consciousness is a given and happens automatically through the process of life. This raises the question of keeping up with our expanding consciousness. Striving suggests working at it. Since we are vibrational in nature we must pay attention to the vibration we are offering into our reality. Expansion is a given. Expansion means vibrationally that our Higher Self has already become that which we have asked for, that expansion of self we want in whatever form we envision it.
So, are you a vibrational match to the expansion you’ve asked for? Does your responsive thought hold back its generosity? Do you stay in the frequency of limitation?
Here is the work (worth every moment). Keep your single eye on the joy of living the expansion you’ve asked for. Recognize the temptation of the limiting thoughts and laugh because it’s not worth it any longer. Holding onto empty tin pots that have no laughter within them is over. So, do what it takes to hold a vision of happiness and fulfillment for yourself. Slipping is natural, but you know the bounce so bounce yourself back and when you do the arms of joy will lift you up and fly away with you. Bliss and Ecstasy are the order of the day.

7- Live With Appreciation
Appreciation = Love
When you appreciate you expand the Love with which you are made.
Appreciation = Joy
The Joy Factor lives in the heart of appreciation.
Appreciation = Alignment
Appreciation closes the gap and bridges the chasm between you and you.
Appreciation = Balance
Our body knows balance. Appreciating the genius of our body allows balance.
Appreciation = Power
The power to deliberately create worlds and bring forth success and happiness.

8- Celebrate Your Creative Spirit
Moses and the stream of Christ Consciousness has given these new directions to spark the creative spirit within us and to see how far we can fly.
As we accept the genius of our own creative spirit, we can allow a new vision to flower from the compost of centuries of sifting through the human experience.
What that takes is imagination, vision and surrender to the greatest power that lives within us, unconditional love.
We are evolving through our imagination, an imagination that has very successfully caused us to limit ourselves in so many ways.
The greatest use of our creative spirit is to allow our imagination to create new worlds of beauty and joy.. to see the gift in everything and to use those gifts to discover greater truths about yourself, and your brothers and sisters. This then is true Mastery.
9- Honor The Earth
Choose Life, Choose Happiness, Resonate to Joy because the idea of separation is no longer relevant.
Perhaps is has seemed easier to honor what is outside of ourselves while neglecting the core of the matter, the source within. There are those who have expanded the consciousness of humanity relative to the home, Earth, they live in and offered ways to clean house.
To honor the Earth we must honor one another and ourselves. The Thou Shalts give us a direction to head in so please, take these wonderful ideas into your heart and ponder them, allow them to show you their path to freedom and a power you always knew you had but have perhaps always been afraid of.
Honor Earth as she does you.

10- Honor The Universe
The vortex of the Milky Way is calling us forth in conscious awareness to take part in a celebration of the greatest alignment in 26,000 years. This occurrence needs our attention!
If in the honoring of what seems to be the outer universe we realize the alignment that is taking place within our personal universe we will have some clue as to the magnitude of this event.
The offering is to align with All That Is, to align with our True Self. To realize Oneness and allow the power of our beautiful life to burst forth as the flower from the bud, as the butterfly from the chrysalis flowing with the currents of life on waves of joy.
The dark night of the soul is finished as joy takes its time honored place as the alignment key to the completion of this great cycle. Relax now. Feel the ties loosening and disintegrating as the vortex summons you into ecstasy.