Trinity Of Enlightenment


We have so loved these past weeks with you, as we begin to wind down our weekly discussions, we are all looking forward to summer and our new emerging experiences. To complete this time together we will to use the Trinity of Enlightenment: Nonjudgment, Unconditional Love and Equality to underscore all of the messages that have come as a result of our unified connection.

Our first subject is Non-Judgment

We ask you to really look at the judgments you may still be holding onto, and where they are held in your body. As you name one, allow the opposite Life Affirming idea to rise up and show you its beauty. Now will you recognize the inspiration that will come swiftly? Using that inspiration, feel into it; what will it take to accept the new thought and allow yourself to not be drawn into the past, and instead live in the present?

Our purpose is to leave a lasting pattern of thoughts that will help stabilize and expand a deeper understanding of the greater picture before us; to realize the momentous time we are living in, and to be able to see humanity in all of its Glory. The future is being created in these moments. To be able to share our deepest feelings and creative thoughts together is truly a gift.

Thank You For Being a Part of These Amazing Times With Us.
Much Love Always
Laurel and AlixSandra

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