TO Everyone who has been tuned in with us, we have so loved these past weeks with you. As we are winding down, looking forward to summer and new experiences, we wanted to use the Trinity of Enlightenment: Nonjudgment, Unconditional Love and Equality to underscore all of the messages that have come as a result of our unified connection.

Last weeks subject was Non-Judgment and amazing experiences as well as new and expanded thoughts were explored. This was the 8th week and a most powerful expression of enlightened living. Now, what comes next? You can’t get to unconditional love if you are judging. So when you find yourself in any kind of judgment, don’t judge yourself for being there, just notice it, perhaps even process the issue and align into a higher subject as soon as you can.

Alisa Pfeifle was integrating the energy of the call when she started to use the term “I Am The Love Of God”. So thank you Alisa for being the channel for our upcoming work this week.  We Are All One and We Are All In This Together, in ways we need to really own.

So this week started with upheaval, and continues with more chaos and anger as agitators across our country are firing up the night sky. People tired of injustice have taken to the streets in calm protest to say, “I won’t take this anymore!”   Black Lives Matter, Let Me Breathe, I Count, My Life Matters.

Even as I write these words I can remember that was me, reaching for my worthiness, looking for acceptance, finding my own way to where I stand today. My compassionate heart bleeds for the pain and suffering that has been America from the very beginning, from native Americans forced to give up their lives and their way of life because others wanted what they had, to immigrants from Ireland, Jews, Latinos, Blacks and others we know nothing about. Will there always be an oppressive energy for us to overcome?? Probably.

Why? Because this is the nature of humanity. What Inner Focus Connect is about is using the power of love inherent within us, to rise above the seeming pain and suffering while realizing you are the breath, you are the love, you are the acceptance you are seeking. If we learn anything from nonjudgment it is the power to Choose and to Bless
Everything. In those words, turning the other cheek now has greater significance.

Let me be very clear about that statement, turning the other cheek does not mean to look away when something is blatantly wrong. Be a ‘whistle blower’, Jesus saw something wrong in the Temple and turned over the tables. Unconditional Love has value, integrity, power and truth within its meaning.

You could look at the Trinity Of Enlightenment as a constellation of stars with each of the ideals sparkling forth and each of us asking, How Can I Get Myself Closer?  How Can I Love More?

Realize this! There is no normal, normal is static and not where we live in each moment. We live in the NOW with ever changing thought and ever changing action and the world is teaching us this lesson through Covid and Chaos as well as the all important peaceful demonstrations.

We had a space shuttle take off after a decade long wait, what is your space ride like? What are the unconscious beliefs that still need to be understood and overcome?  Do I hold myself accountable for what others are doing?

Unconditional Love is a tough taskmaster because it asks of us to hold steady within God’s Love… As The Breath Of God.

Our Inner Focus purpose is being realized, to leave a lasting pattern of understandings and awareness’s that will help stabilize and expand a deeper understanding of the greater picture before us; to realize the momentous time we are living in, and to be able to see humanity in all of its Glory. The future is being created in these moments. To be able to share our deepest feelings and creative thoughts together is truly a gift, Thank You For Being a Part of These Amazing Times With Us.

Much Love Always
Laurel and AlixSandra

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