Your Compassionate Heart

My thoughts this Sunday morning are with those of you who can’t stay home, the people who must venture out especially the healthcare workers. After so many weeks of tending to unending pain and suffering, and the trauma of this experience, of which most of us have no idea about, has to be taking its toll. So, I’m speaking to you, you on the front lines, you in the operating rooms, you sitting there next to a dying person, you trying to answer questions that seem impossible.

When you’re feeling really helpless, and perhaps even void of anything, consider why you’re feeling those feelings. It is because you don’t believe you can control what’s happening out there, and no you can’t control what others are going through but you can hear this. One way you can relieve the tension within you is to bring in light and really hear the resounding


It’s your compassionate heart that shows up every day even if you are grieving the situation. It is your focus that helps those sick and dying to feel comforted in their world! The difficulty arises when the lines become blurred between their world and yours, you want to change their circumstances, perhaps look for someone to blame even God for all of this. Unfortunately, this disempowering road will only lead to a block wall and make you feel worse. 

Hard though it may be to hear the truth, remember your compassionate heart, remember you create your own reality and they create theirs no matter what it looks like.
You are always at choice.
Take a moment and really breathe deeply and probably you only have moments for this, it is now more important than ever to feel and deepen the connection between you and the God of your being, your Higher Self. This is the time to practice blessing your situation and blessing all of your friends and co-workers. See those in your care through those eyes, feel the unconditional love at play. Practice the connection you have within you and
You are being seen and noticed by many in this world and beyond; being appreciated, being thanked, people giving money, food, anything to help. Keep remembering and knowing you’re not alone. Ride the Synergy of That Love beyond this pandemic and into the world of your making, YOU, making a difference because of your compassionate heart.

Practice: After writing this and then having conversation with a colleague working on the front lines, spirit offered this practice:
“I Am The Breath Of God and Only God Is In My Lungs”

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